a memoir


i never thought about why i was here. 

that had never been a question on a test or a topic inspired by organic conversation between friends or parents. 

i lived within a safe container without being able to define it as such 

because i knew nothing but the imaginary corners of this relegated space. 

that was until my life changed in an unexpected way that lacked explanation beyond the container becoming visible in the same instant its limitations had been reached. 

i was left dangling in the ether without any concrete apparatus to latch onto because how could i trust anything anymore?

if this intangible container that so many of us rely upon for safety can drop in a moment’s notice like a curtain on stage, then i needed to learn how to be prepared for the unexpected. it took me being pushed into the unknown to get comfortable with the idea that the unknown is all we have reinforcing the only guarantee in life:

that nothing is guaranteed.