why do i write about myself on the internet? 


there has been a stream of internet talk regarding healing for the last couple years. 


whether it be healing your gut, or your heart, or your soul. 


whether it be through kundalini, reiki, a retreat, or astrology. 


whether it be through meditation, ayahuasca, clean eating, quitting your job, getting sober, becoming a digital nomad, or releasing all that the cultural label of “being single” entails. 


this is why i write.



because i’ve experienced these cultural paradigms 

that have led to our “collective healing.” 




there are gaps in the explanations elucidating the personal anxieties of our time. 


we lack 



when we tell our stories, 

we heal ourselves. 


we re-live the past in the present, 

weaving loose ends of intangible memories together, 

to create meaning out of those seemingly unimportant moments that left an untended wound. 


we are our own healers. 



all that the astrologer, the medium, the guru, instagram is 

is a guide. 


and when i say “guide,” i mean “mirror.”



each of these portals encourage us to look at ourselves through a different perspective. 


at times, they show us something we couldn’t see for ourselves before, and, at others, they challenge us to determine what is true for ourselves.


and the only way we can make sense of this world, our feelings, and the meaning behind things is through sharing our own pain, confusion, and longing. 


rather than acting like it’s not there, and everything is fine, and we have it all figured out. 


none of us have it figured out. 

none of us know what we’re doing.


that is why I write.